From time to time there is a juvenile or adult Leonberger that needs a new home. When that happens, we will post their information here. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Leo Fidelis A Bridge Between Your Heart and Mine - "Lucy" is a 14-month-old - just a big puppy. Like the rest of her litter she went to her new home as a youngster at 8 weeks, but at 13 months, her family called to ask if we would take her back. Of course the immediate answer was yes! Lucy is available to the right home only. She is a resource guarder - so she does not share toys well with other dogs. Although she gets along well with our male, she does not play well with the other girls as she wants all the toys for herself. She is beautiful, loves people, does well with other dogs on a walk, or at a dog show, etc., but would be better off in a home with no other dogs. She is very interested in our cat, but is not at all aggressive with her - just wants to play with her. She loves kids. She is house trained, and basic obedience trained. Please feel free to contact us if you feel your might be the right home for Lucy. Photos below of Lucy now, as a puppy and Lucy's parents; Lyric and Eirie.