"Faithful Lions"

A b o u t

Utah Leonbergers! Welcome to Leo Fidelis Leonbergers, in Latin this means "Faithful Lions" which seems the perfect way to honor the European roots of our dogs' pedigrees as well as the ever-devoted loyalty and adoration that we feel everyday from our Faithful Leonbergers. We are Lizzy and Dale Shaw, living in NW Utah and we have the honor or being owned and loved by several Leonbergers who own our hearts completely! We show our Leonbergers in AKC Conformation Events and look forward to trying additional competitions such as carting and fastCat soon. Leonbergers are very versatile and love a good game, so they can excel at many of the AKC events. Please enjoy browsing through our Utah Leonbergers developing website where we feature our gorgeous dogs, their many achievements, and in the future any litter plans and announcements.

*** Many thanks to handlers Adrian Ghione, Nicole Torre and Danielle Mora, who help handle our dogs.

Logan, Utah - Our 2022 Utah Leonberger Show Team - May 2022 - In this photo - Dale at left, CH Zillion Stars "Trekkie", Hana Nasza Duma "Quinn" needs just 1 point, CH Lowenhohle's Zigzag Comic Book Hero, "Hero", GCH Ready to Rock Valuer "Swagger".